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Our Team

General Manager, Cpt. retd Instructor and COO,

Gregor Schulz

The experienced pilot and instructor has been in the cockpit for over 50 years. He draws on the experience of several thousand flight hours on various aircraft types. As a pilot and instructor, he is happy to pass on his experience. It is always a great pleasure for our guests to chat with such an experienced pilot - for our student pilots it is a unique opportunity to benefit from his experience.

Safety pilot with a lot of experience on pistons and turbines

Marcus Schulz

Like father, like son. Marcus was also born with flying. The engineer always loves to be on the road with passengers and ex-student pilots, who value his experience and humor both in the air and on the ground.

Pilot and instructor

Rodric, Neri

A very experienced airline pilot and instructor with more than 2000 hours of training experience on various types.

Pilot and instructor

Alvaro Francisco, Del Alcazar Balareasque

A very experienced pilot and flight instructor on various single engine types.

Pilot and instructor

Andreas, Horn

Test pilot and flight instructor.

Guest Relations

Kay Czayka

Our customers and guests love Kay's service! He ensures your satisfaction even before you take off, takes care of the shuttle or the individual catering so that you have a perfect day with us.

CEO - Managing Director

Erika Elsser

Erika Elsser knows the organization of aviation like no other. She has been in aviation for over 40 years and has managed airlines as well as business & jet airlines and certified flight training companies as Managing Director. Their experience and tranquility ensure excellent service at all times.