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Faster build-up of the compulsory hours for the license

Proof of hours for maintaining the license


The easiest and most efficient way to get the flight hours you need to get your license or the next step in your training.

Take advantage of the safe weather in Mallorca and, as a VFR pilot, you are almost guaranteed to fly according to visual flight rules.

Use your vacation or come to Mallorca for a few days at a time - sunny weather more than 300 days a year - the best basis for great flight experiences.

With hour building, you can purchase the required hours in blocks, and we can therefore offer our fleet on special terms.

Please let us make you a tailor-made offer and use the stable weather for your personal license and training goals.

Of course, you can also book all or part of this service with one of our instructors, who will support you in achieving your goals or provide the necessary security for solo flights.

*For new customers, a short check and instruction flight accompanied by an instructor is required for solo flights in order to ensure the necessary knowledge of the respective aircraft type and the special features of the Balearic airspace.