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Block Charter

Guaranteed access to one aircraft type at a time

VFR training almost 365 days a year

Block Charter

Take advantage of the safe weather in Mallorca and, as a VFR pilot, you are almost guaranteed to fly according to visual flight rules.

Sunny weather more than 300 days a year - the best basis for great flight experiences.

Our block charter offer has several advantages:

  1. You have the aircraft type you want in one go and don't have to plan it meticulously.
  2. Special conditions reduce the charter costs.

Especially for clubs and flight schools, this service is a safe extension of the training operation so that you are not tied to the ground by the unstable German weather in autumn and winter.

Due to the direct proximity to Palma de Mallorca you will find an excellent infrastructure for arrival and departure, overnight stays and leisure activities - 365 days a year.

*For new customers, a short check and instruction flight accompanied by an instructor is required for solo flights in order to ensure the necessary knowledge of the respective aircraft type and to observe the special features of Bealari airspace as well as the approach and departure procedures including radio.

  • Price on request